Opening Day 2020

Staff Return To Kick Off New Year
Posted on 09/03/2020

MOBOCES instructional staff returned to campus for two Superintendent’s Conference Days in preparation for the reopening of classes next week.

District Superintendent Scott Budelmann and Board of Education President Pat Baron led the welcome addresses, commending staff on their commitment to students and their flexibility in changing times.

“You are vital to public education. We are an essential service provider to schools,” Budelmann said. “Thank you for your service.

This year’s keynote speaker was Kristen Hopkins, an author, educator and youth advocate who spoke about resilience, empathy and social emotional learning. Her work helps both students and adults gain a better understanding of social emotional learning and needs, including self-awareness, relationship building and civic engagement.

flipped classroom“We all need to be aware of the invisible backpack we carry every day,” she said.

Deputy Superintendent Lisa Decker and MOBOCES Nurse Coordinator Mari Tarkowski reviewed with staff a number of new COVID-related procedures and practices to help control the spread of infections and keep students and staff healthy.

Staff also attended training sessions on Flipped Classroom, workplace harassment, child abuse in an educational setting and the Dignity for All Students Act.

Following virtual campus-wide meetings on both mornings, staff met within their divisions to discuss plans for students’ return on September 8.

starrsIn addition to campus-wide trainings, the Staff and Curriculum Development division co-sponsored two regional presenters with the Oneida school district. Charlie Applestein spoke about addressing students’ emotional and behaivor needs, and John Spencer spoke about empowering students during virtual learning. Spencer encouraged teachers to think creatively about reaching students and to not be afraid to fail when trying something new.

“We can’t predict what this year will bring and, in many ways, we’ll feel like new teachers all over again,” he said. “But teachers will always be a part of education.”