Conservation Bee Demo

Conservation Introduces Students To Beekeeping, Honeymaking
Posted on 11/04/2019

Conservation students spearheaded an interdisciplinary celebration of bees on Wednesday to expose both CTE and special education classes to key pieces of their new beekeeping curriculum.

Classes that visited the Bee Fun event, held in the Rossetti Courtyard, had the opportunity to see honey combs, watch the honey-spinning process, try on beekeeper suits and ask questions about the process of keeping bees and harvesting honey. They could also sample some of the final product.

In the spirit of Operation Collaboration, a CTE initiative to increase cross-disciplinary projects and learning experiences, other classes contributed to the event.

Early Childhood Education students set up several activity stations for the elementary students who attended, including a sensory box, a floor maze, a photo booth and hand painting.

honey bottles

Cosmetology students created their own lip balm using beeswax, shea butter and coconut butter as part of a science integration project.

Conservation students worked with Graphic Design students over the past several weeks to brand their new honey with a name, logo and label design for their bottles. Conservation began working with bees in the spring and just began bottling their honey this fall.

bee suits lip balm

Learn more about Conservation’s work with bees: