4th Pathway

Regents Exam/HSE Pathway

Did you pass one or more Regents Exam prior to leaving high school? New York State now offers TASC credit for Regents exams you passed while in high school. 

The following chart shows what TASC credit you get for each Regents exam:

Regents Exam TASC Content Area Credit
Any Math Regents


Any Social Studies Regents          

Social Studies

Any Science Regents


Any ELA Regents

Reading & Writing

If you have passing Regents Exam scores for each of the content areas, you will only have to take and pass 1 TASC content test area.

How does it work?
  • You download and print an Attachment R from the NYSED. gov website
  • You fill out Section A
  • You bring the Attachment R to your most recent school district and give it to their guidance department
  • The school district then fills out Sections B and C indicating the Regents Exams you have previously passed
  • The school district sends the completed Attachment R and a transcript to the HSE office in Albany
  • Albany processes the Attachment R and sends you a transcript indicating the TASC credit you are receiving
  • You then sign up to take the TASC in only the content areas you have not received credit for

All passing Regents Exam scores count, it does not matter if you took the Regents Exam in 2016 or in 1962! If yo passed it, it counts. If you have questions about the 4th Pathway, the Attachment R, or anything else TASC related, call one of our ACCESS sites today!