Customized Professional Development

The content of these sessions is determined by the needs of the building and/or district staff. Session length and the method of delivery (e.g. training, facilitating, presenting), are based on targeted outcomes. Dates and times are determined by availability and resources. A partial list of topics follows. To discuss the possibilities, call Staff & Curriculum Development at 315-361-5550.

Touch Brain

Brain Research — We teach our students’ brains…but what do we know about them? Impact your classroom immediately with this interactive workshop! Based on the works of Jensen, Wolfe, Sousa, and Sylwester.


Questioning Techniques Critical to learning is the ability to ask quality questions. But who teaches students HOW to do this? This 5-step process is designed to help students improve their questioning skills!

Dollar in Jeans

Poverty in Education — What you must know to effectively impact your students in poverty. Based on the works of Jensen, Gorski & others.

Odd Arrow Chalk

Differentiated Instruction — Learn to teach to their learning styles, not to yours!
Based on the works of Tomlinson and Wormelli.

Questioning Girl

Questioning Skills for Students — Effective and Highly Effective teachers
consistently create opportunities for students to learn how to ask questions and how to think deeply about a topic.

Kid thumbs up

Formative Assessments —Learn models for developing and using effective and
research supported formative assessment to further student learning.


Building Academic Vocabulary Kids use a 6 step research-based process for
learning prioritized academic vocabulary.

Thinking Teen

Thinking Maps — Teach your students how to think, using effective and proven
graphic organizers. Two certified trainers on staff!

PLUS: Cooper’s Homework Practices, 5 High Impact Rapid Response Strategies,

Marzano’s Classroom Strategies that Work, 15 Elements for Adolescent Literacy,
Acceleration, Collaborative Pairs, and More!

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