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Our primary service is our School Improvement Service (SCD 512).

Participation in School Improvement provides districts with the following services:

Staff Development
The Staff Development Specialists assist schools in the interpretation and implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The following services are available to all member districts of the Curriculum Development Service:

  • Priority attendance at all staff development training programs
  • Information sessions on APPR, state test scoring, and interpreting results
  • Facilitation of Teacher Ambassador program for turnkey training in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards
  • Dissemination and interpretation of NYSED curriculum requirements and field memos
  • Customized training, per component district request

School Improvement Facilitationhigh school student
Districts receive the training, support and facilitation necessary for continued growth and improvement in their school restructuring effort. This service provides participating school districts with access to the Staff and Curriculum Development Network and the Director of Staff and Curriculum Development, who assists in coordinating school improvement efforts. Technical assistance is also provided to school districts in the establishment of their professional development plans.

Building Level Projects
The development of local building capacity has been greatly enhanced through the design and delivery of customized programs at the building level. Project designs will vary to meet the needs of each building and will involve the active participation of the building principal and staff members.

Professional Staff Development
The Staff Development Program provides intensive, high-quality opportunities for educators. Participants will learn new skills, enhance current skills and further their understanding of current educational issues. The following basic services are available to all member districts of the Staff Development Service:

  • Support of local district staff development programs and projects
  • Support of staff development programs for administrators - i.e. APL Administrator Training

See our full list of services in the MOBOCES Service Directory.



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