From the Director

Mid-State Teacher Resource Center in 2020-21

The Mid-State Teacher Center is one of 125 such entities across New York State.  Collectively, NY Teacher Centers are the largest professional learning community within New York State's educational community, serving 675 public school districts, and a range of non-public and charter schools.  Teacher Centers support student achievement by offering teaching professionals, administrators, and paraprofessionals a range of learning and collaborative opportunities, and by supplying resources to extend adult learning.

For the 2020-21 school year, Mid-State Teacher Resource Center will focus its initiatives on the professional learning needs of educators within component districts and schools as determined by a needs assessment, from written feedback from workshop participants, and through interviews conducted throughout the year.

Focus Areas for the Mid-State Teacher Center 2020-2021 Grant:

The focus of the Mid-State Teacher Center for current grant year, which runs July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021, includes a host of activities with the common goals of increasing teacher capacity and increasing student achievement.    Mid-State Teacher Center will continue to collaborate with Madison-Oneida BOCES Staff and Curriculum Development and higher education in a number of endeavors:

  • Enhance and deepen educator content knowledge aligned with the NYS P-12 Learning Standards in the Arts by:
    • Providing stipends to three teacher facilitators for BOCES-based Professional Learning Communities (PLCs);
    • Providing music and art consultants.
  • Enhance educators’ strategies and skills in meeting the needs of diverse learners by:
    • Providing stipends for up to four teacher facilitators for BOCES-based PLCs (Special Education, School Counselors, Occupational/Speech/Physical Therapists, and Teaching Assistants);
    • Paying registration costs for up to 126 teachers and teaching assistants to attend the  Madison-Oneida BOCES Staff & Curriculum Development’s live webinar entitled “Social Emotional Learning” featuring Dr. Marc Brackett on October 23, 2020;
  • Enhance and deepen teachers’ instructional skills and content knowledge aligned with NYS Learning Standards in ELA, mathematics, social studies, science, and for integrating technology into curriculum and instruction by providing stipends for up to ten teacher facilitators for BOCES-based PLCs (Early Childhood, ELA K-5, ELA 6-8, ELA 9-12, Elementary Math, Global Studies, Technology of Drones, Therapy Network, School Counselors, and Reading K-8).
  • Build, support, and enhance teacher pre-service and in-service experience by collaborating with Utica College to:
    • Continue to conduct “Reflective Seminars” for pre-service teachers and their cooperating teachers;
    • Provide stipends for in-service teachers to attend the “Reflective Seminars”;
    • Provide resources for pre-service teachers;
    • Provide stipends to participants of EdTPA training.
  • Support teacher and instructional support staff members’ capacity to create and maintain safe, secure, supportive, and inclusive learning environments for all students by:
    • Providing consultants for in-person and/or virtual learning on supporting students with autism, learning disabilities, dyslexia, and other challenges;
    • Providing attendees with resources for extending their learning.
  • Extend adult learning beyond the time and scope of workshops, conferences, and PLC meetings by:
    • Purchasing additional professional journals, books, and written resources for an “Honor Library” located in the Seminar Room at the TriPlexus on the BOCES campus for use free of charge by educators, instructional support staff members, and parents;
    • Providing materials and supplies that enable teachers and instructional support staff members to implement newly-learned strategies in the classroom.