Thank you Custodial Staff

Thank You Custodial & Maintenance Staff
Posted on 09/29/2020

Each year, October 2 marks National Custodial Workers Appreciation Day. This coming Friday, please take an extra moment to appreciate the women and men who spend each day working to ensure that our facilities are clean, operational, and safe. Anyone in the profession of education knows that we all learn from a young age that our custodians are the key to our daily success in schools. Without our MOBOCES custodians working every day, often after hours and behind the scenes, we would not be able to complete other tasks related to educating children.

Todd VanDresar, director of facilities and Char Netzband, senior custodian oversees the custodial staff. Since the pandemic in March they have been working even harder purchasing the right products to safeguard our school community, including electrostatic sprayers, wipes, hand sanitizers and N95 masks.

“It is a pleasure to work alongside all of my fellow coworkers. All their hard work and dedication that they have is seen every day in the work that they do. Without these dedicated employees we could not do all that we do,” said Char Netzband.

MOBOCES Custodial/Maintenance staff:

Ralph Archer, Courtney Benedict, Guy Camello, Tina Dixon, Gail Eastman, Casey Faber, Deb Greene, Stan Greene, Daniel Grogan, Joel Gualandi, Steve Harrington, Thomas Hollingsworth, Brian Hughes, Robert Kirk, Mike Kosh, Andrew Magyar, Lucas Miller, Tobin Miner, Char Netzband, Sonja Palantino, Amy Perry, Carol Pezzula,  Ruth Sexton, Mark Stauring, William Swain, George Thurston. Subs are Robert Kiggins, John Popalwski, Tammy Shaw, Robert Marquart, Melissa Carrier, and Phil Wickham.

Thank you Maintenance and Custodial staff for all your hard work!

custodial staff pm
Evening Custodial/Maintenance Staff

custodial crew morning
Morning Custodial/Maintenance staff

Casey Faber
Morning custodian, Casey Faber