Staff Spotlight: Ryan Tabolt

Staff Spotlight: Ryan Tabolt
Posted on 04/12/2021
Ryan Tabolt

Staff Spotlight: Ryan Tabolt, Automotive Collision Repair Instructor


Ryan Tabolt was a student in Jeff Richmond’s Auto body program at MOBOCES his junior and senior year 1993-1994. After graduation he worked as a technician in a collision shop and it was then that he told his wife he would love to be a teacher. His career brought him full circle when in 2018 he started teaching Automotive Collision Repair in the CTE program at MOBOCES!


How long have you worked at MOBOCES?
I started working at MOBOCES in the spring of 2018, so this would be my 3rd year.


What do you like most about your job?

Teaching the students the skills that I am so passionate about. The sense of accomplishment when you hear about or see a former student and they are doing well and have become a positive impact on society.


What have been some of the challenges you have experienced since the Pandemic?

The online teaching is probably one of my biggest challenges since the pandemic. I am struggling teaching a hands on course without having the students in the lab the time they need to be for the basic hands on training. I myself am a kinesthetic (hands on) learner and without actually doing the task it is hard to understand the repair process. Students come to BOCES to work on things and I personally believe we are losing their interest with the hybrid model of teaching. (At time of published article, the students are now 5 days a week in person)!


Fun fact about you?

I love the outdoors. I told my wife years ago that I always wanted to be a BOCES teacher, (this was back when I was a technician in a collision shop) Because of the positive impact it had on me as a former student at Madison Oneida BOCES. So now here I am.

Photo: Automotive Collision Repair CTE Teacher, Ryan Talbolt works with Oneida City School District Student, Tesfaye.