Staff Spotlight: Cheryl Fleming

Staff Spotlight: Cheryl Fleming
Posted on 01/11/2021
staff spotlightCheryl Fleming, Principal Account Clerk - Business Office 
I have several duties, including maintaining financial files for Continuing Education LPN students; Invoice for funded Continuing Education students (brochure classes); Deputy purchasing agent; Maintain and issue flex plan accounts and payments for MOBOCES and seven other districts; and issue cross contracts for MOBOCES services purchased for our districts and non-component districts wishing to purchase from our MOBOCES. 

How long have you worked at MOBOCES? 
30 years

What do you like most about your job?
My job is a variety of different tasks. Every day is a new challenge and I have the opportunity to work with every division within the MOBOCES.

What have been some of the challenges you have experienced since the pandemic?
It has been hard not having the interaction with my co-workers and also the daily mail flow to keep current and on top of tasks.

Fun fact about you?
When my MOBOCES day ends, my workday continues helping on the family dairy farm (Fleming Farm). My hobbies are ceramics and photography. I have submitted photos that have been published in calendars and as cover photos for Dairy World magazine.

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