Cooking Group

Therapists Lead Cooking Group
Posted on 03/10/2020

MOBOCES students at JD George Elementary School have begun a weekly Cooking Group activity, led jointly by the occupational and speech therapists to help students explore new foods.

Each Friday, occupational therapists Toni Vanderlan and Molly Creedon and speech therapist Lindsay Willson push into the three MOBOCES elementary classrooms located at JDG for food-related exploration activities. These have included multi-sensory sampling of a variety of foods with different tastes and textures and discussing whether students liked the foods or not. Students have also cut snowflake patterns out of tortillas and then eaten their snowflakes.

cooking groupMost recently, classes read the classic “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and then used a variety of foods – pretzel rods, apple slices, raisins and alphabet pasta - to recreate the story.

“Many of our students have food aversions so this type of activity takes the stress of eating off he child yet they are able to manipulate the food to make something of their own,” Vanderlan said. “We use these activities for exposure to a variety of foods, and many students will taste the foods when used in this manner.”